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Weepo by WG

Weepo was born out of a great ambition in 2017. In a rapidly growing market, Weepo specializes in wage portage and offers a completely digital platform. In their quest for independence, consultants are leaning more towards the wage portage, a perfect blend between freedom and security. This is why Weepo has developed a platform that guarantees autonomy and independence to our consultants while they conduct their chosen mission.

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Drawing on the experience of its founders, Weepo has been designed and developed for a better collaborative experience. The desire to respond to their quest for autonomy has led us to provide a 'user-friendly' tool that spares our consultants time-consuming exchanges with the client-side teams (business) and with our internal teams (HR, accounting, administrative and financial departments, etc.). Using the personal space, Weepo consultants can:

  • Create their personal record by scanning all documents (ID card, Social Security number, Bank account info, etc.)
  • Manage their client portfolio via a dedicated CRM
  • Edit & have the service contract signed
  • Enter & submit timesheets
  • Submit leave resquests (holidays, sick leave, or other)
  • Generate and send clients invoices
  • Generate & save payslips
  • Consult the activity account
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Today,Weepo has more than 100 collaborators that we assist on a daily basis, and we make all the processes and services they need are simplified. In order to offer a better service to our clients, our employees must above all be satisfied and happy in their work. In our corporate culture, the proverb 'the customer is king' is gradually giving way to another quote that defines us: 'If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients'.

We believe that the consultant's experience is crucial and can guarantee an improved client experience. Hence our interest and concern for continuous improvement in order to offer, beyond administrative, financial and legal support, a quality and proximity support system.

Joining Weepo means joining a network of 100 experts to whom we offer a working environment and a wage portage solution adapted to their professional and social aspirations.

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