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We value your recommendations.

At Weepo, we believe in the power of your network, and we are excited to introduce our new cooptation offer for this season.

Discover our new offer, available from 09/15/2023 to 08/31/2024, where each successful cooptation will allow you to accumulate multi-brand gift e-cards (Fnac Darty, Galeries Lafayette, La Redoute, Playstation, or even Zalando), valid for 1 year.

For 1 referred person, receive a €200 e-gift card, reach 2 referrals for a €400 e-card, and aim for excellence by having 3 referrals for an exceptional €600 e-card! What makes this offer even more attractive is that you can accumulate these gift e-cards for each successful cooptation, allowing you to earn €1200 for 3 referred individuals.

Track your cooptations on our platform and redeem your gift e-cards as soon as your cooptation is validated (starting from 3 months of your referred person's tenure).

How it works



To start, reach out to us with the contact info of the consultant you wish to recommend.



We arrange for a meeting to discuss the project.



Weepo takes care of the administrative paperwork!



You get your gift card as soon as your coopted has 3 months of seniority.

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Reach out and recommend!