Referral program

weepo - referral program

We value your recommendations.

WEEPO has implemented a new referral offer, more advantageous for you and your network!

Till 02/28/2022, WEEPO gives you the opportunity to develop your own Business Unit

All operations will be managed through our app. You will have your own manager access to monitor everything: your consultants, their timesheets, invoices ...

Why you should recommed us

Your contact benefits from a free month with PREMIUM access to WEEPO
You earn 10% of the invoiced fees (throughout the mission)
You can refer several people at the same time

How it works


1. Recommendation

To start, reach out to us with the contact info of the consultant you wish to recommend.


2. Contact

We arrange for a meeting to discuss the project.


3. Start

Weepo takes care of the administrative paperwork!


4. Reward

Once the consultant starts working, you earn 10% of the invoiced fees (throughout the mission).

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Reach out and recommend!