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Collaboration between foreign consultants and French companies can be supported by portage salarial . Indeed, Weepo supports foreign freelancers who wish to collaborate with French companies and French companies who are looking for a freelancer abroad as part of its portage offer. The possibilities then become multiple for everyone and many opportunities can be considered.

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Find a consultant abroad

From Paris to New York passed by Dubaï, we connect French companies to the best international talents

There are many people abroad who want to work for a French company. Indeed, the multiplicity of offers on the French market provides access to numerous opportunities. To facilitate connections between French companies and foreign freelancers, Weepo offers its portage offer. Just as with a French freelancer, the foreign freelancer benefits from extended employee status and can therefore work for the French company while his mission is carried out.

Weepo - Trouver un consultant à l’étranger
Weepo - processus de recrutement international
Weepo - processus de recrutement international

Simplify your international recruitment processes with our global payroll platform

French companies can thus access numerous international talents for the duration of a mission. With Weepo, a French company can collaborate with freelancers in more than 130 countries, all accompanied by a contract and therefore in complete security. The employee status thus makes it possible to facilitate collaboration between the company and the consultant. This may be relevant for French companies looking for expertise from a particular country or a consultant with international knowledge such as a specific language for example. A mission carried out by a foreign consultant within a company in France can also be a way to consider conquering new markets.

In short, French companies looking for salary portability abroad will be delighted to discover this new offer.

The advantages of international portage for the company

Access to a global talent pool

Lower the costs

Simplified contract management with Weepo

Reduction in recruitment times

Weepo - travailler avec une entreprise en france

Find missions in France, no matter where you are in the world, thanks to the Weepo salary portage network

Working with a company in France

As for foreign freelancers who wish to work with a company in France, they too can see this possibility as a real opportunity. Indeed, their expertise becomes accessible internationally and this can be an opportunity to collaborate with a country like France to benefit from new experience. salary portage missions can therefore be carried out remotely or on site on behalf of a French company. The offer proposed by the consultant can therefore be deployed even further and a wide range of possibilities are available to him to develop his activity.

The benefits of wage portage

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Online communication

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Weepo - Mutual


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Salary portage internationally, but also in its usual form, makes it possible to establish a tripartite relationship between a company, a freelancer and an umbrella company. Thanks to a contract signed between the umbrella company and the freelance, the latter benefits from the status of employee. He will however continue to seek missions to carry out with companies as when he is independent. The client company will then pay the service to the umbrella company which will in turn pay a salary for the salary portage consultant.

The main advantages lie in the fact that the consultant will benefit from employee status and therefore from various benefits such as unemployment, retirement, mutual insurance, welfare, but also time saving, presence of a network, training, etc.


French companies make their daily lives easier with Weepo


Employees are satisfied

The Weepo offer for international salary portability

At Weepo, salary portage is our core business and we support many self-employed people with their projects. With international salary portage, we are further extending our offer to allow freelancers of more than 130 country to collaborate with French companies, and for French companies to find the international consultant that suits them. Drawing on our expertise, this new international salary portage offer allows you to open up to new horizons and consider a multitude of new possibilities.

Whether you are a freelancer abroad or a French company wishing to collaborate with consultants abroad, international salary portage will certainly meet your needs. expectations and offer you many advantages for secure collaboration.

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Frequently asked questions about international porting

  1. What is international salary portage?

    International wage portage is a work arrangement where a worker, often an independent professional, carries out missions for a French company while being employed and managed by a wage portage company like Weepo. It allows companies to collaborate with foreign workers while complying with local regulations.

  2. How does international salary portage work?

    The umbrella worker signs a contract with an umbrella company like Weepo which manages all administrative, legal and tax aspects. The umbrella company invoices the client, collects payments and pays a salary to the umbrella worker internationally.

  3. What are the advantages of international salary portage?

    International salary portage offers companies the flexibility to recruit international talent without creating foreign subsidiaries. For workers, it guarantees social security coverage, tax compliance and opportunities to work abroad for a company French!

  4. Can I carry out missions abroad as a foreign worker?

    Yes, that's the principle, international wage portage allows foreign professionals to work for a company while respecting local regulations. The wage portage company Weepo facilitates this transition by taking care of the administrative formalities and tax.

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