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Are you looking for a freelance mission in Paris and Île-de-France? You are in the right place ! Weepo is an umbrella company which supports independent professionals wishing to find freelance missions in Paris and Île-de-France. Our expertise in wage portage provides consultants with 100% personalized support, varied opportunities and simplified administrative and legal management to allow them to concentrate entirely on their activity. Weepo, much more than an umbrella company, presents itself as your preferred partner to discover enriching missions, corresponding to your profile and promoting your professional development in a city and region as dynamic as Paris and Île-de-France. .

What is wage portage?

Wage portage is a hybrid model between the status of independent worker and that of employee. Highly appreciated by consultants and freelancers, this form of employment allows you to benefit from all the advantages linked to employee status.

Just like an employee, the independent professional will benefit from complete social protection (unemployment insurance, health insurance, retirement, etc.) and will retain great autonomy in carrying out his missions since he remains free to accept or refuse them. a.

As you will have understood, wage portage is particularly suitable for consultants, experts, trainers, and other service providers.

To summarize, wage portage is much more than a legal status or a simple contract signed between different parties. It is a serious and flexible alternative offering professionals the possibility of reconciling the freedom of independence with the social benefits of an employee, all in an environment conducive to their professional development. What is wage portage?

How does wage portage work with Weepo?

Weepo’s offering is based on simple and transparent operation. As in any professional relationship, the consultant or independent professional signs a contract.

Following the signing of the contract with the umbrella company, the latter invoices customers directly for the services.

All administrative, accounting and legal management will be handled by Weepo, the umbrella company. This includes invoicing, collection of payments, calculation of social contributions, payment of salary to the consultant, management of contracts and legal documents or payment of social benefits such as unemployment insurance and social security.

As an independent professional, the consultant is required to seek missions. To support this crucial step, Weepo offers a wide choice of missions for IT professionals.

Furthermore, thanks to the personalized support that Weepo provides to consultants, their professional life is greatly simplified to allow them to concentrate on their missions. Indeed, a dedicated team is available to answer questions, provide advice and monitor missions.

What are the advantages of wage portage in Paris with Weepo?

Weepo gives you access to various missions!

Whether you are an IT consultant, developer, Scrum Master or Data Analyst, at Weepo we have the mission that suits you! Our wide range of wage portage missions in Paris covers various projects and professions in IT and are accessible on our page.

Simplified management of your activities!

At Weepo, we take care of the administrative management of your activities. Your missions as a freelancer must become your only priority! You no longer have to worry about your accounting, legal or even administrative tasks and will be able to work with complete peace of mind.

Personalized support!

Weepo offers personalized support at each stage of the mission, from contract negotiation to invoicing. The Weepo team provides regular monitoring in order to guarantee your satisfaction as well as that of your customers.

What are the jobs of employees at Weepo?

At Weepo, the employees involved carry out different professions in the IT sector. Among the professions represented are:

  • The web developer: He designs and implements innovative web solutions to meet the specific needs of clients.
  • The data science consultant: He analyzes and interprets the data to provide strategic information to businesses.
  • The cybersecurity expert: He protects computer systems against threats and potential attacks.
  • The cloud architect: He designs robust and scalable cloud infrastructures for modern businesses.
  • The software analyst: He analyzes, designs and optimizes software solutions to meet the specific requirements of a company, thus ensuring the proper functioning of IT systems.
  • The IT project manager: He coordinates and supervises the completion of IT projects, ensuring deadlines, budgets and customer needs are met.
  • Etc.

It is often with Weepo that employees find their missions. Through its variety of offers, Weepo positions itself as the ideal partner for independent professionals seeking salary portability missions in Paris. With an extensive network of partners and a dedicated team, Weepo offers an environment conducive to the success of independent consultants.

Whether you are a developer, project manager or even a cloud architect, missions adapted to your profile await you.

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