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What is wage portage?

Tripartite relationship between 3 actors: the consultant on one side, the umbrella company on the other, and finally, the client company. Wage portage allows independent consultants to benefit from the advantages of being an employee (monthly salary, social security, retirement plan…) while remaining autonomous in their activities.

The consultant is free to choose a client and umbrella company. He generates a turnover that the umbrella company transforms into a monthly salary, in addition to advising the consultant throughout the mission.

Umbrella company

It acts as an intermediary between an independent consultant and its client whose need is limited in time and resources. The umbrella company concludes the contract of wage portage and is paid for managing the administrative part (drawing up contracts, invoicing, providing legal counselling, etc)

Wage portage: advantages

  • Time saving: the umbrella company handles all administrative matters.
  • Security and freedom: the advantages of being an employee, along with the freedom of an independent.
  • Support: the consultant benefits from a tailored follow-up and access to a large network of experts through the umbrella company.
  • Financial independence: Manage your money like a real entrepreneur!
  • Help in negotiating your daily fee: Our team assists you in re-evaluating the daily fee invoiced to your client.
  • Benefit from tax experts advices': Our partners are always available to guide you in your tax optimization procedures.
  • Access to events: Networking & Meetups organized by Werin Group.
  • Access to training programes organized by our teams

The independent consultant

Under a wage portage contract, the consultant is responsible for prospecting and negotiating directly the compensation, duration and terms of the contract with the client. The consultant has the advantages of being an employee (monthly salary, social security, retirement pension…) while remaining autonomous and independent.

The compensation depends on the turnover the consultant has invoiced during the month, taking into account the related fees.

The client: 3 reasons to choose wage portage

To the client, wage portage guarantees:

A better resource management

It allows companies to adapt their resources to their needs. In a wage portage contract, employees are not part of the company's payroll.


Thanks to the wage portage, the company hires an expert who is available and operational. This saves time on training but also allows the company to have a fresh insight on how to fulfil the mission.


Weepo takes care of drafting the contracts and the administrative follow-up of the consultant. Our advisors are available at any time to discuss with both sides.

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