Why is it a good time to start wage portage?

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Why is it a good time to start wage portage?

    More and more people are opting for freelancing to better balance their private and professional lives. But the uncertain status of the freelancing world can sow doubt...

    If you're thinking of becoming a freelancer and still hesitate to make your choice, we help you weigh the pros!

    Being a freelancer means above all being free. You can choose the cost of your services, the client you want to work for and of course the mission you want to dedicate yourself to.

    Indeed, if you do not want to spend too much time on one mission, you can opt for short-term missions. If you are in a sector where on-site work is not necessary, you can choose to perform your mission wherever you want, without being constrained by hours.

    Choosing the duration of missions also allows you to take vacations at your convenience, as you can take as many vacations as you want between two missions. Even during mission times, you have paid vacations, allowing you to be more efficient and rest as needed.

    Of course, many people may be hesitant due to the uncertainty of this status, but it is precisely this uncertainty that allows for a better income for the same work.

    This status also improves your expertise. If you are in a period of inactivity, or want to learn more in a short period, this is the solution for you.

    Professional retraining or unemployment, short-term missions allow for skill development while having a better income. The freelancer status may seem unstable, but the benefits are many.

    So, ready to take the leap?