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Are you a company looking for a freelancer? Whether it's for a one-time project or a long-term collaboration, you can highlight your missions on WEFREE. Our community of qualified freelancers will be able to meet your needs quickly, all with administrative portage to properly manage the mission.

Find the Right Freelancer with WEFREE

As a company, you likely know that it’s not always easy to find a freelance profile that meets your expectations and has the necessary skills for your mission. To facilitate collaboration between freelancers and companies, WEFREE has created a freelance platform to create the right connections and ease the implementation of your projects.

To do this, simply send us your announcements detailing the freelance missions to be carried out. Our teams will then publish this information on the WEFREE website and mobilize our community of operational experts. Our mission also includes selecting the most suitable profiles and presenting them to you so you can make your choice. You’ll easily access profiles that are well-suited to your company and your missions!

Our Network: A Panel of Experts for Better Delivery

If necessary, open your projects to our community of operational experts.

Time-Saving: Keep Your Projects at the Center of Your Concerns

Delegate your administrative processes to WEFREE, which will handle the administrative issues related to your service (including management and billing). We verify the compliance of your provider’s entity, ensuring the best conditions for intervention.

Administrative Support

Beyond helping you find the right freelancer, our team also offers administrative portage. This solution allows you to delegate the administrative questions related to the mission to us. We verify the provider’s identity compliance, draft contracts, and manage billing. Additionally, you can centralize all your requests in one tool with WEFREE, regardless of the provider’s profile. You maintain control with an all-in-one tracking solution.

Whatever your industry, whether you are looking for an IT, tech, or other profile, WEFREE helps you find the freelancer that meets your needs and also handles the administrative part. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get started!

Real-Time Tracking: An All-In-One Solution

You stay in control! Monitor the progress of the project directly from profile selection through to contractualization and billing directly with WEFREE. Optimized costs and time saved!

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