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To lighten the contractual and administrative burden of freelance work, freelancers can use a service known as administrative portage. Always aiming to support independents in their professional success, WEFREE offers an administrative portage service for freelancers.

What is administrative portage?

Administrative portage for freelancers should not be confused with wage portage, which has become very common in recent years. Wage portage involves becoming an employee of a company while continuing to operate as a freelancer (finding clients, negotiating rates, completing assignments). With administrative portage, the freelancer retains their legal structure, which can be a micro-enterprise, an EURL, an EIRL, or even a SASU, for example. However, they can have their mission administratively ported, thus freeing themselves from the administrative and contractual aspects. This makes it possible to avoid these time-consuming tasks and allows them to focus more on their core activities.

Administrative portage for freelancers according to WEFREE

WEFREE offers freelancers its administrative portage service to relieve them of administrative and contractual tasks. Moreover, we have implemented a dedicated solution for real-time activity management. Independents can track their contracts, billing, cash flow, and more. With this all-in-one platform, collaboration between freelancers and their clients is significantly simplified. Additionally, opting for WEFREE's administrative portage for freelancers reassures clients with the backing of a solid and transparent structure. This solution is therefore a true asset for convincing clients and securing more freelance missions.

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How to get started with administrative portage with WEFREE?

Do you want to benefit from administrative and contractual support? It's time to get started and discover our solution. Simply create an account on our freelance platform WEFREE, find an offer that interests you, and contact the client. We handle the contractualization so you can start the mission with ease!

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