How to manage your taxes in wage portage?

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How to manage your taxes in wage portage?

Wage portage allows the professional to have job security and to free themselves from several administrative constraints. On the other hand, obligations apply to these salaried employees. Among these is the management of taxes.

Professionals in wage portage are subject to income tax. They do not need to manage the VAT declaration, because the umbrella company takes care of paying it to the various state services.

In wage portage, the amount of taxes is calculated based on the taxable net salary.
To effectively manage your tax obligations, it is advisable to choose the custom tax rate. Indeed, it is possible that you are subject to variations in income. This option therefore allows you to modify the rate applied according to the turnover you achieve.

The management of taxes in wage portage, how does it work?

Withholding at source is a principle that came into force on January 1, 2019. Taxes are deducted when the employee receives his income. The management of taxes in wage portage works on the same principle as the wage. With this concept, employees carried, whether they are self-employed or a small business, are subject to a plan

For wage portage, the freelancer occupies the same position as an employee under French law. He can therefore benefit from the same tax status as a traditional employee. In other words, the employee carried must pay an amount of income tax identical to that of a simple French employee. In wage portage, the calculation of the amount of income tax is carried out by experts in the field. The latter apply a tax rate by calculating the employee contributions, the gross salary, the complementary health, the non-deductible income tax.

If the wage portage company supports the withholding tax, it calculates the tax at. deduct from the employee's salary and transfer it to the tax department. The amount of remuneration is also declared by the umbrella company. As a professional in wage portage, WEEPO knows all the steps to follow so that the worker can meet his tax obligations.

Some valuable tips for managing your portage taxes well if you do not go through a portage company

Thanks to the ported worker status, an entrepreneur can benefit from social security while having professional flexibility. However, it is essential to optimize the management of your taxes to improve your financial situation and avoid tax problems.

Create a system dedicated to financial monitoring

First, you need to create a system that can accurately track your business income and expenses. Most of the time, experts use an Excel spreadsheet or accounting software. Using this solution, you will be able to predict tax and social security payments.

Hire an accountant

Then, hiring an accountant proves to be beneficial when you find it difficult to master all things accounting. This specialist will accompany you not only in. optimization of your tax situation, but also in the preparation and filing of the tax return.

Keep the various statements and receipts for professional expenses

Finally, it is undeniable that keeping the various proofs of your professional expenses makes it possible to better manage your taxes in wage portage. Whether it's training costs, travel costs or the acquisition of professional tools, statements and invoices will be used to reduce your taxable income.

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