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French Tech flies in the service of wage portage

The hybrid status of the portage salarial, which is a balance between entrepreneurship and employment, is both flexible and secure.

It represents a market of 1.2 billion euros in 2020 and its revenue is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Experts estimate that it will increase by 16% in 2022 compared to 2019, and will reach at least 3.5 billion by 2030.

However, to support this growth, it is urgent to evolve. Currently, the process is time-consuming and not digitalized, making it ultra-complex on a daily basis.

The portage salarial creates a relationship between three parties:

the freelance who is looking for a mission, negotiates the terms (TJM, work pace...) without the need for a structure to invoice;

the client;

and the EPS (Employee Service Company): this company is connected with the client to ensure the management of the administrative side (invoicing, contracts, payroll, taxation...).

In practice, this three-party relationship poses many problems. EPSs function as opaque black boxes: the consultant is not informed of the exchanges between their EPS and the client, and vice versa. This requires many calls and emails, which is tedious and wastes a lot of time. Not to mention that it can deter some clients!

Another major problem: some EPSs charge hidden taxes and fees to consultants to maximize their margins, which greatly reduces the appeal of the portage salarial. Finally, there are often recurring, anxiety-provoking problems: payment delays, incomprehensible payroll sheets, calculation errors, never-refunded fees...

To end this situation, French Tech actors are launching WEEPO, the first EPS that offers a 100% digital platform where consultants and clients can collaborate.

Supported by BPI and incubated at Station F, WEEPO has imagined the "next generation" portage salarial that offers:

  • Tranquility: information is accessible everywhere, all the time. No more time-consuming and stressful calls and emails!
  • Transparency: there are no more hidden fees or payment delays.
  • Technology: all processes are automated to ensure a simple and fast operation.

weepo logo

WEEPO, a new online mission hosting system

For WEEPO, the portage salarial is a true mission of general interest.

The start-up has therefore decided to break the codes to make it evolve deeply: beyond a simple EPS that does administrative work, it has imagined a SaaS mode platform that hosts missions and provides a set of DATA-oriented services.

With a goal: to liberate entrepreneurship.

weepo - portage salarial 100% digital

Hicham EL MANIARI, co-founder, highlights:

With WEEPO, we are creating a movement, a new generation that reinvents the portage salarial: the classic EPS is transformed into a multi-sector tech startup.

Consultants gain maximum autonomy while enjoying the security of employment (solid social protection, complementary retirement, pension scheme...).

"Building the next generation of umbrella companies"

To date, there is no solution on the market that is collaborative and accessible to all actors in the portage salarial (consultants AND clients), anywhere and anytime.

With just a few clicks, consultants can contract, invoice, add clients, and grow their business, all in a "100% zen" mode since WEEPO takes care of complete administrative management and offers close follow-up throughout the mission.

weepo - testimonials

It is possible to launch into payroll porting in 2 hours, without any surprises since all costs are known in advance: WEEPO takes 5% of the monthly revenue generated by the consultant. As an option, WEEPO also offers insurance (charged at 0.1% of revenue) and factoring service (1.2%).

To provide a pleasant working environment, the start-up has put in place a whole ecosystem of partners that makes the consultants' life easier: Inter-enterprise Nurseries, Leasing, PEE/PERCO, CE/CSE, Real Estate Agency, Professional Training...

Hicham specifies:

WEEPO is an innovative service created by techs for tech consultants to ensure a better customer experience.

About Hicham EL MANIARI, co-founder

weepo - build the next generation of umbrella companies

Hicham EL MANIARI, 34, is CEO of WERIN GROUP and co-founder of WEEPO.

His encounter with payroll porting dates back 6 years. At the time, he worked as an IT strategy consultant at Accenture but, driven by the desire to create his own business, he decided to resign.

Because he had not yet tested his ability to sign contracts, he looked for solutions to avoid creating his own company. He then discovered payroll porting... but his first experience with a payroll porting company was disastrous.

After 3 months, he finally created his own company and became the CEO of WERIN GROUP, an ESN specializing in software quality and agile transformation. It employs 140 people and generated 12 million euros in revenue in 2020. This year, it projects to reach 20 million euros.

It was in this context that he reconnected with payroll porting, through the consultants who worked with his team. Given the problems these consultants faced permanently with their EPS, WERIN GROUP decided to create a subsidiary dedicated to payroll porting to exclusively carry the consultants who work for its clients.

Over time, this annex activity has developed so much that it now flies on its own. WEEPO can therefore rely on proven processes and a quality of services already tested internally.

As the first payroll porting company to be incubated by Station F, WEEPO now aims to accelerate its growth to quickly position itself among the leaders with a target revenue of 50 million euros in the next 3 years.

To achieve this goal, the start-up continues to evolve its technology, constantly offering new services to consultants.

It also wants to internationalize since it already works with clients all over the world (Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium...). Its priority is indeed to attack the markets where umbrella companies exist to be as close as possible to its international clients.