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Defined as a multi-year residence permit, the talent passport allows highly qualified foreign professionals to settle in France. Whether you are a researcher, entrepreneur, artist, or expert in a specific field, this residence permit offers an opportunity to work on French territory for 4 years. In order to obtain a talent passport, it is essential to select a category adapted to your situation, to understand the eligibility criteria and to follow the necessary administrative procedures.

The choice of the talent passport category

To obtain the talent passport, the first step is to choose the category that corresponds to your professional profile. Therefore, you need to know if you are a startup founder, an employee or an investor. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to carefully evaluate your area of expertise, your professional project as well as the specific conditions of each category. If you are a tech professional, for example, the “Skills and Talents” category is most suitable. In case you are a science researcher, you can opt for the “Researcher” category. Wise decision-making from the start greatly facilitates the rest of the process of obtaining a talent passport.

Check eligibility conditions

After selecting the right category, the next step is to understand the eligibility requirements. These vary depending on the category selected, but some general requirements apply to all options. Among the determining elements, there are academic qualifications, professional experience and the nature of the employment contract. Another condition to consider for foreigners wishing to have a talent passport is the gross annual salary which must be at least 41,960.7 euros. By highlighting these factors, professionals aspiring to the talent passport can prepare adequately and ensure that their application meets all the required conditions. Thorough knowledge of these prerequisites simplifies the entire process and increases the chances of approval of the application.

Administrative procedures for obtaining a talent passport

Once the appropriate category is chosen and the eligibility conditions are met, professionals begin the administrative procedure of obtaining the talent passport. This step requires meticulous attention to detail since candidates must compile a complete file. This generally includes the required supporting documents such as diplomas, employment contracts and letters of recommendation. To guarantee the success of the request, it is therefore essential to focus on the accuracy and conformity of each document. Apart from navigating through online forms, the professional must respect the deadlines established by the competent authority. As soon as the file is submitted, a waiting period of approximately 30 days begins. If you have questions about your file, you can contact the Ile-de-France Regional and Interdepartmental Directorate for the Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DRIEETS).

What about the talent passport in wage portage?

When it comes to professionals in wage portage, the question of the talent passport requires a particular approach. In the specific context of wage portage, this approach allows you to benefit from special recognition as a highly qualified worker. Professionals eligible for salary portage can thus access talent passport status and simplify their stay on French territory. By offering an advantageous alternative to traditional status, this system facilitates administrative management for self-employed workers. If you are a foreign consultant who wishes to benefit from salary portage, you must:

  • look for a payroll company like Weepo;
  • find a wage portage mission;
  • prepare a talent passport application form from your local prefecture residence ;
  • submit the complete document;
  • conclude administrative procedures.

The Status of JEI : Young Innovative Company

Weepo stands out as a pioneer in the wage portage sector by obtaining the status of Young Innovative Company (JEI), a significant recognition. As the first umbrella company to benefit from this status, we illustrate our commitment to innovation and our support for emerging talent. Associated with the Talent Passport, this status further strengthens our position by offering us tax and social advantages, thus creating a framework conducive to the development of independent professionals. This approach reflects our forward-thinking vision at Weepo, where we strive to facilitate the growth and success of independent consultants by offering innovative solutions in the field of PEO!

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