Wage Portage 101: all you need to know about this method of contracting

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Wage Portage 101: all you need to know about this method of contracting

Since the beginning of the health crisis, our habits have changed considerably. More and more people seeking independence are looking for a job that can adapt to their lifestyle. What better way to meet these needs than with employee leasing!

A labor market in full mutation, and a mode of contracting that has proven to be the perfect solution guaranteeing freedom and security.

But before you get started, let us explain what it is.

Wage portage allows a professional to carry out a mission in a company while benefiting from the status of an employee, thanks to its employee leasing company. It is a hybrid status halfway between salaried work and freelancing. Employee leasing is a tripartite relationship between an independent worker, a client, and an employee leasing company.

The leased employee searches for clients, with whom he agrees on the conditions of the employment contract and the execution of the service as well as the fee that will be its counterpart (TJM). As soon as an agreement is reached between the leased employee and his client; the leased employee informs all of this information to the employee leasing company, which will issue the employment contract to invoice the client to pay a salary to the leased employee after deducting various charges and management fees. The employee leasing company also ensures administrative management by carrying out all necessary declarations (URSSAF ...).

It is a flexible and practical solution that helps to boost the labor market and ease access to employment. The consultant, called the "leased employee", can retain his autonomy as he chooses his own mission, which allows him to choose the location, duration, and client for which he will work. This also allows companies not to assume the salary and social charges of the interveners while ensuring that they are hiring an experienced resource.

Do you want to test your freelance potential? Do you have the opportunity for a mission? Are you retired and want to continue your activity?

So why not start with employee leasing with WEEPO?

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What is a wage portage employee?

What is a wage portage employee?

Definition, operation, advantages, responsibilities, future prospects, etc.; discover everything you need to know about the wage portage status.