Guide to Setting Your DRA as a Project Manager in Wage Portage

As a project manager working in wage portage, setting your rates is a crucial step to ensure compensation that matches your skills, experience, and the value of your services. However, this can be a complex process as several factors need to be considered. In this article, we will explore in detail the elements to consider when setting your Daily Rate Average (DRA) in wage portage as a project manager.

Wage Portage: A Hybrid Model Attracting Many Freelancers

Wage portage is an increasingly popular work model, especially in the IT and web development sectors. This hybrid model offers an attractive solution for reconciling the autonomy of freelancers with the security of employee status. By working in wage portage, freelancers can benefit from social benefits and protection provided by an employment contract while working autonomously on a variety of missions for different companies.

As a project manager in wage portage, you are responsible for managing and coordinating projects for your clients. Your project management, communication, and analytical skills are essential for ensuring the success of the projects you undertake. By using your technical skills and experience in the field, you work closely with your team to achieve project objectives.

In the IT and web development sector, wage portage offers freelancers the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, ranging from website and mobile application creation to software development project management.

Concretely, the salary umbrella process works as follows: the employee signed an employment contract with an umbrella company such as Weepo, thus becoming their employer. Then, he negotiates his rate with his clients for the proposed missions. Once an agreement is reached, it can start working.

Factors to Consider in Calculating Your Salary in Wage Portage

In the context of wage portage for a project manager, various elements impact salary calculation. Unlike a traditional employee, a project manager in wage portage does not directly handle billing clients for their services. Instead, this responsibility lies with the wage portage company with which they are contractually affiliated.

When clients settle invoices issued for the project manager's services, the wage portage company pays the consultant the corresponding amount after deducting social security contributions and management fees incurred for its services. This amount represents the consultant's net compensation.

Guide to Setting Your DRA as a Project Manager in Wage Portage

To set your DRA (Daily Rate Average) effectively as a project manager in wage portage, several factors must be considered to ensure attractive compensation.

Firstly, the project manager's experience and skills play a crucial role in determining the DRA. The more experience and specific skills a project manager possesses in project management, the higher their DRA is likely to be.

Next, the industry in which the project manager operates also influences their DRA. For example, project managers working in sectors such as IT, digital, or new technologies tend to benefit from higher DRAs due to the strong demand for specialized skills in these areas.

The geographical region where the project manager operates may also impact their DRA. Rates may vary from one region to another, depending on the cost of living and local demand for the project manager's specific skills.

The level of mission responsibility is another factor to consider in DRA calculation. Missions requiring greater responsibility, specific expertise, or more complex team management often justify a higher DRA.

More specifically, as a freelancer, the DRA for a project manager in wage portage generally ranges between 500 and 600 euros for a junior profile (less than 5 years of experience) and between 600 and 800 euros for a more senior profile. These figures may fluctuate depending on experience, skills, and mission specificity.

By considering all these elements, the project manager can establish a DRA that reflects the value of their services and expertise. It is also crucial not to forget to include social security contributions and management fees to obtain a comprehensive view of their actual compensation.

Use the Weepo Simulation Tool for a Precise and Transparent View of Your Future Compensation

Weepo offers a dedicated wage portage simulation tool, specially designed for professionals wishing to have a clear and transparent view of their future compensation. With this tool, you can calculate your future compensation in just a few clicks, taking into account various parameters such as gross salary, social security contributions, or management fees. Thus, you can make informed decisions regarding your wage portage activity.

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