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Wage portage has many followers among people who wish to manage their own activity while having the possibility of benefiting from employee status. It allows you to carry out the desired missions in France, to choose your customers and to set your prices. But what about internationally? Is it possible to work abroad through wage portage? What is international wage portage? What are the possible statuses for working abroad in international wage portage? What are the advantage or disadvantage of portage wage?

What is wage portage?

Wage portage is a system that allows a person to become employee of a so-called portage company while having the possibility of run your business like a self-employed person. The consultant goes be able to sign a CDD or CDI with an umbrella company and then canvass its own clients to carry out its missions. At instead of invoicing itself for the service performed, it is the company portage that will take care of it. A salary is then paid each month to the consultant based on the turnover achieved. It is therefore a tripartite relationship that is implemented between the consultant or employee carried, the wage portage company and the client company.

Instead of creating his own company to pilot his activity, the consultant will therefore rather turn to an employee status. It him will nevertheless make it possible to choose its clients, its missions and to set its rates as he sees fit. Halfway between self-employment and wage portage, wage portage offers various advantages and it is moreover for this reason that more and more independents turn to this solution.

What are the benefits of wage portage?

Wage portage offers many advantages at different levels, which makes it a very suitable solution for many professionals. Thus, if one hesitates between the status of auto-entrepreneur and employee, wage portage can be an interesting solution.

The advantages of employee status

The first significant advantage of wage portage is that it gives access to everything an employee of a traditional company can benefit from. We will thus be able to benefit from unemployment, health insurance, pension, complementary health insurance, but also other benefits depending on the carrier chosen. This is a valuable asset to evolve in his profession in complete safety since the status of freelance, for example, does not allow access to unemployment. THE consultants will thus benefit from additional protection in the framework of their activity.

No administrative and accounting management

Another advantage of choosing wage portage is that we will be able to dispense with the administrative and accounting management of his company. Indeed, if the status of auto-entrepreneur allows access to simplified management, it is still necessary to devote time to certain tasks on a regular basis. Payment taxes and social charges, keeping a revenue book, the opening of a dedicated bank account past a certain figure business are all tasks that will have to be taken care of in the framework of a self-employed activity. In wage portage, the signature of an employment contract implies that it is the umbrella company that will take care of all the administrative and accounting part.

We will thus have much more time to devote to the development of our activity.

Free management

The status of employee in wage portage allows you to benefit from a certain freedom in the performance of its missions and the management of his activity. Indeed, the umbrella company does not intervene in the how the employee will manage his activity. He is free to choose his clients and its missions, the way in which these are carried out and to set these prices. The portage company only intervenes at the time of the payment of the invoice. The management of his project is therefore very autonomous for the consultant who can develop his work as he sees fit.

Step-by-step guidance

Finally, the fact of opting for a wage portage contract allows elsewhere to benefit from professional support. The company carrier chosen will indeed be able to accompany each of its employees to help him develop his project. Advice and Recommendations can therefore be made as needed. He This is a valuable asset, especiallycompared to the status self-entrepreneur who often involves managing his activity only.

Working in wage portage can also be an opportunity to meet other employees and why not in his sector of activity. We have thus the possibility of building up a real professional network.

Work abroad as a freelancer

When working as a freelancer, it is very easy to work in France in order to offer its products and services. As soon as we want to work internationally, things can be a bit more complex. Indeed, the regulations often differ according to countries and the implementation of suitable contracts can sometimes be necessary to perform its duties legally. If we unfamiliar with the regulations in force in the country in which you are want to work, you can very quickly make mistakes that can be detrimental to its business.

It is therefore essential to be well informed and to be accompanied when you want to work on markets other than the market French. This also applies to people who want expatriate while pursuing their professional activity in a other country. It is recommended to be well informed about the legislation in force to be able to invoice a product or a service in the country wish. If it can be a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge, we can also choose other solutions to carry out our activity abroad such as international wage portage.

What is international wage portage?

What is called international wage portage is based on the same principle than traditional wage portage. The only difference is that it makes it possible to work with countries other than France and therefore to charge for its services abroad. This solution thus makes it possible to reach a wider market while being supported for its international development. We will then opt for a company of international wage portage which will precisely offer its consultants to work in France as well as abroad. In choosing this type of company, we ensure that we have the possibility of work with other countries if desired.

What are the advantages of international wage portage?

International wage portage has many benefits too both for the consultant and for the client company.

On the side of the carried employee, he benefits from the same advantages as for a wage portage in France, with the difference that he will have the possibility of invoicing its services abroad. This represents a great opportunity to reach a new market and develop its activity. Whatever the scope of the mission, the consultant will thus have the support of an appropriate structure to his work freely.

On the side of the client company, the fact that the consultant is salaried of an international wage portage company. Some administrative difficulties will thus be avoided, which will make the partnership all the more fluid and pleasant. The set up of the service offered is thus facilitated, which is an advantage for the consultant just like the client company.

Secondment or expatriation: what status for a mission abroad?

When you want to work abroad in wage portage international, it is necessary to benefit from a specific status. We will then have two possibilities which are the status of worker seconded and the status of expatriate worker.

Seconded employee status

The seconded employee status is intended for consultants who carry out a temporary mission abroad. The latter must make a maximum of 24 months (it is however possible to extend this duration subject to compliance with certain conditions). The employee remains here attached to the French social security and can benefit insurance put in place by the wage portage company international such as repatriation insurance for example.

That said, it is necessary to benefit from the status of employee carried seconded to carry out the mission in a country of the European Union or outside the European Union, but with a country in bilateral agreement with the France. If this is not the case, the worker must then be attached to the social security system of the country in which he is going to practice assignment.

The status of expatriate employee

The expatriate employee status concerns an employee who performs a permanent assignment of at least 3 months. Therefore, it will be necessary to bring closer to the Caisse des Français à l'Etranger (CFE) to stay affiliated with French social security.

How to choose an international wage portage company?

Within the framework of the realization of missions abroad and in portage salary, it is advisable to opt for a portasalary age international that will meet his expectations. In effect, the accompaniment can be very variable depending on the type chosen company. It is therefore recommended to be well informed before choose the one with which we will decide to work. We will take the time to discuss with the latter and ask all her questions to be certain that the support offered corresponds to its expectations and his project.

If you still have doubts, you can absolutely choose to opt for a contract in CDD at first. This will test the services of the chosen international umbrella company, but also to ensure that the entire management of its activity meets well up to his expectations. If the proposed service is suitable, then we can consider setting up a longer-term partnership with the setting up a CDI for example.

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