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When you become an employee of a company, the question of complementary health is appropriate since an employee can benefit from the benefits of the mutual insurance company of his company. This is an advantage that often allows you to benefit from advantageous rates. Is mutual insurance an advantage or disadvantage of wage portage? Is it possible to benefit from mutual insurance in wage portage? And if so, how?

What is complementary health insurance?

A complementary health or mutual insurance is a contract which makes it possible to supplement Social Security reimbursements in the event of illness, accident or maternity. Indeed, Social Security takes into sometimes charges the entire expense, but sometimes only a part of health-related expenses. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the amount already covered by Social Security to settle the left to pay. You can use your own funds, but you can also call on complementary health insurance. As her name suggests, she supplements Social Security coverage and will therefore pay the remaining amount of expenses incurred.

Complementary health insurance or mutual insurance is not compulsory. She is offered by many different companies and there are several types of contracts to offer different coverage depending on needs. We will therefore be able to opt if we wish for a contract which offers guarantees corresponding to its expectations.

Company Mutual

A company has an obligation to ensure that its employees benefit from its complementary health contract. Indeed, companies must today to set up an agreement with a company offering mutual health insurance to be able to offer the offer to their employees. THE employees are free to accept or not this proposal which gives them very often access to certain advantages such as a contract at a reduced rate For example.

Mutual health and wage portage

The question of mutual insurance and wage portage can therefore arise for anyone considering becoming a consultant and opting for wage portage. Indeed, the mutual in wage portage can be part of the benefits that one will enjoy enjoying as a employee. Complementary health insurance takes the form of a minimum basket of care with the minimum level of guarantees to which the employee can pretend. With a mutual in wage portage, we find minimum guarantees dedicated to dental, optical care, illness and the hospital package. There may also be a pension part which relates to incapacity, invalidity or death.

The specificity of the mutual in wage portage is that the employee porte pays his own social security contributions (employees and employers). It is therefore proposed here a minimum health cover with membership mandatory for the employee. The carried employee can also have the possibility of allowing their beneficiaries to benefit from the scheme with a "duo" or "family" package for example.

Portability of the mutual in wage portage

In the event of breach of contract with the portage company giving the right the opening of unemployment rights (dismissal except for gross negligence, agreed termination, legitimate resignation), the portability of the mutual in wage portage can be activated within the limit of 12 months after leaving the umbrella company. The former employee can thus benefit from the same coverage as when he was a salaried employee.

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