Wage portage and retirement: what contribution?

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In the same way as traditional employees, wage portage consultants benefit from full social security coverage and certain remuneration even in wage portage . Thus, an employee carried contributes for his unemployment, his health insurance, his mutual, but also for his basic and complementary pension. All the rules relating to retirement are therefore valid in wage portage. And in addition to accessing the same pension rights as an average employee, a freelancer in wage portage can also benefit from several additional advantages. What are they ? Before answering this question, it is important to understand how wage portage works in terms of retirement.

Retirement contributions and wage portage: how do they work?

In wage portage, the income of the carried employee is subject to the employee and employer contributions. Thus, a freelancer in portage employee accumulates his pension rights on the basis of his salary annual. It is up to the wage portage company to bear the burden calculate and deduct pension contributions from income perceived by the carried employee. Allowing the validation of the quarters of pension, these contributions are paid to the basic pension funds, but also to the supplementary pension funds.

Contribute for a better retirement

A wage portage consultant receives a salary equivalent to approximately at 50% of the profit made, which is lower than with other legal statutes. Nevertheless, even if a buoyant freelancer can touch less income than a micro-entrepreneur, he accumulates more pension rights. Indeed, in addition to contributing to the general scheme Social Security, a supported employee also benefits from the scheme complementary Agirc-Arrco, which allows him to complete his retirement basic.

The need for supplementary pension insurance

It should be noted that the annual pension cannot exceed 50% of the ceiling annual Social Security, even if the employee carried has always contributed on a maximum basis. The supplementary pension represents a advantage, in particular when the income of the freelancer in wage portage are higher than the social security ceiling. In fact, this scheme pension allows you to contribute 21.59% and to obtain more points of supplementary pension, a subject that we will discuss later.

The annual salary required to validate a quarter

The validation of a quarter of pension rights does not depend on the time worked, but income received. Thus, to validate his quarter, a carried employee must receive during the year a remuneration representing 150 times the amount of the gross hourly minimum wage. In 2022, a freelancer in wage portage was to receive 1,585.5 euros to validate a quarter of retirement, i.e. 6342 euros gross for validate 4 quarters over the year. In addition, the more a supported employee will have a large turnover, the higher his remuneration will be and the more trimesters it validates.

How is the wage portage pension calculated?

As mentioned above, the retirement of a freelancer salary is made up of the basic pension and the pension additoinal. Find out below how these retreats are calculated.

The basic pension at full rate

The calculation of the amount of the basic pension of a carried employee takes account of the average annual salary (SAM). This is the average of the 25 best years of income in the consultant's career. A rate of 50% is applied to the amount of the SAM which, let us specify, takes into account gross remuneration (excluding employer contributions and management of the carrying company).

Remember that the amount of the annual pension must not exceed 50 % of the annual Social Security ceiling, hence the importance of supplementary pension if the consultant has significant income.

Supplementary retirement

Called "retirement by points", this pension scheme is based on a point system. Thus, the wage portage consultant acquires points based on the amount of contributions paid to Agirc-Arrco during his career. These points will then be converted into retirement pension upon retirement.

To determine the amount of the annual supplementary pension, it is just multiply the total number of points accumulated by the value point. It should be noted that this changes every year. Besides, the amount of the pension is examined each that year based on the price index. However, it cannot be less than contributory minimum.

Can we combine work in wage portage and retirement?

It is good to know that wage sharing was mainly aimed at to senior profiles when it was created in the 1980s. Retirement is often perceived as a drop in income. For seniors, wage portage is presented as a means of stay active and increase their income.

It is in this spirit that the combination of employment and retirement (CER) was introduced in 1982. It was extended in 2003 by the Fillon law. Since the 1st January 2005, earn a salary by carrying out portage missions salary while benefiting from his retirement pension was returned possible. The accumulation of retirement and wage portage can then be complete or partial.

The conditions for benefiting from full cumulation

Full accumulation is intended for retirees receiving a pension at the full and who wish to continue working beyond retirement age. retirement. As a result, the retiree can collect his income and his pensions in full if he:

  • has reached the legal retirement age (62 years old) or the legal age of full-rate retirement with no contribution period condition (67 years),
  • has liquidated all of his pensions (basic pension and additoinal),
  • takes over a wage portage activity in a dependent field from a pension scheme other than the one paying his pension.

If the carried employee meets these criteria, he can immediately resume an activity without suffering a reduction in their allowances retirement. Otherwise, the combination of retirement and wage portage will be partial.

What to expect with partial or capped stacking

In the event of partial accumulation, the amount of salary and pension is capped. Thus, the combination of the two incomes must not exceed 160% minimum wage or the average of the consultant's last three months' salary worn before his retirement. This will then be the highest ceiling advantageous that will be used to make the calculation.

If exceeded, the pension fund will reduce the amount of the retirement of the exceeded amount. In some cases, the retirement pension can be suspended during the carrying mission.

Procedures for combining wage portage and retirement

A retiree wishing to work in wage portage is required to inform of his resumption of activity to the last pension fund to which he was affiliated, or the one to which he contributed on Longer. He will then need:

  • declare on honor that he has liquidated his pensions,
  • communicate the identity of the portage company,
  • indicate the date of the start of the activity,
  • mention the nature and amount of the income received if the ceiling is exceeded.

It should be noted that to resume an activity with his former employer, the retiree will have to wait six months after the date of his retirement. On the other hand, he can immediately resume his professional activity if it is a new employer, a company wage portage, for example.

Wage portage and retirement: what are the additional benefits?

Acclaimed by retirees and future retirees, babywearing salary constitutes a real transition between working life and retirement. This form of employment makes it possible in particular to enhance one's pension retirement, to supplement their income, to work at their own pace and to transmit its know-how without having to create a company.

Wage portage to supplement retirement rights

Wage portage is ideal for retirees or senior executives wishing to supplement their pension rights or pensions. In Indeed, it allows them to acquire the quarters necessary to complete the level of their retirement pension or to have the retirement at full rate. An executive at the end of his career who is struggling to find a employment as a senior can, in particular, opt for portage salary for:

  • validate the missing quarters,
  • improve their average annual salary (SAM),
  • or to accumulate points for the supplementary plan.

Increase your income with wage portage

Retirement often means a drop in income. THE need for additional income is then felt to maintain a certain standard of living. By opting for a portage activity salary, a retiree or a future retiree given the opportunity to generate another income** while maintaining and even improving the amount of his pension.

Indeed, given that the remuneration received in wage portage will be added to the amount of the retirement pension received by already the employee carried. In addition to generating more income, the retiree or future retired person will also benefit from all the other advantages employee status. It will benefit including social protection increased including:

  • paid vacation,
  • unemployment insurance,
  • and compensation in the event of sick leave.

The possibility of transmitting your skills without constraint

The need to continue working is not always linked to a need financial. Many retirees simply want continue to exercise to stay active, while others desire share their know-how with other professionals. A young retiree can then work in the consulting and training without having to create a legal structure by opting for the wage portage.

In addition, the developed expertise of a young retiree is generally highly appreciated by companies wishing to have occasional sharp skills and a fresh eye on a subject. Running on the principle of autonomy, wage portage offers great freedom to the pensioner carried. He selects his clients and missions, sets its rates and chooses its pace of work.

Resume your missions without delay

By becoming an employee of a wage portage company, a retiree or a future retiree changes employers. Thus, after his departure from the retirement, he has the option of immediately resuming his activity on behalf of his former employer as an employee door. In other words, he will not have to apply the prerequisite period six months.

In short, in addition to improving retirement, wage portage allows retirees save time and energy by reducing the hassle administrative procedures. To save more time, the platform WEEPO offers young retirees a wage portage experience 100% digitized, ethical and transparent. WEEPO technology offers seniors the possibility of ** embarking on wage portage by only two hours** and to manage its activity in real time.

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