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When you want to start a professional activity, it is not uncommon to ask yourself the question of the status you will have to choose to exercise your profession. Indeed, today there are several possibilities. In particular, you can create your own business by becoming a self-employed entrepreneur, for example, or choose wage portage in order to benefit from the status of employee. So what is the difference between wage portage or self-employed? What is a portage salarial contract and what advantages compared to the status of auto-entrepreneur? How to become a supported employee or self-entrepreneur?

What is a self-employed entrepreneur?

We call a self-entrepreneur a person who will create his own individual business. Most often, we speak in particular of micro-enterprise and therefore micro-entrepreneur. The peculiarity of auto-entrepreneur status is that it allows you to benefit from a regime simplified social and discal. This facilitates the management of the company and therefore to pilot its project in complete autonomy. GOOD Obviously, different accompaniments can be put in place if one wishes to be advised and supported in the context of its creation of business. The fact remains that the auto-entrepreneur is alone in manage its business. If he wishes to enlarge his structure, employ employees or even have a partner for example, he will have to do evolve its status, most often into that of a company.

Self-entrepreneurship is also aimed at specific activities which are commercial, craft or liberal activities. There business creation is also very simple and fast and allows easily start your business. He will then be able to choose the plan that best suits him and implement his project to to perpetuate its activity and develop its turnover.

What is wage portage?

If you wonder what to choose between wage portage or auto-entrepreneur, it is also interesting to understand what the wage portage. Wage portage is a solution aimed at people who wish to manage their activity while benefiting from a employee status. Unlike the freelancer, the carried employee is therefore attached to a wage portage company with which he is under CDD or CDI type contract. Also discover Thus, the carried employee will to be able to manage his activity like a freelancer by canvassing his customers and by carrying out missions to increase its turnover business. He is completely autonomous on how he manages his activity.

Once the mission has been carried out, instead of invoicing the service directly to the client as an auto-entrepreneur would do, it is his wage portage company that will take care of the invoicing. THE services performed are therefore invoiced by the carrier company which will then pay a salary to the carried employee each month. Amount you have to pay salary is thus based on the turnover achieved. This operation aims to allow the freelancer to benefit employee status and its benefits while managing its activity.

What are the advantages of these two possibilities?

If one can hesitate between wage portage or auto-entrepreneur, it is that there are advantages to both possibilities.

The advantages of auto-entrepreneur status

The auto-entrepreneur has many advantages when you want make a project a reality and launch your own business. It is for this reason that many people decide to take the plunge every year to start their business.

Simplified management

Contrary to the management of a company which can sometimes prove complex, the management of a self-employed business greatly facilitates the everyday life of self-employed people. Administrative obligations and accountabilities that need to be adhered to are as follows:

  • Keep a recipe book
  • Issue invoices for customers
  • Have a bank account dedicated to the activity and separate from their current account (only if the turnover exceeds €10,000 for two consecutive years)
  • Declare turnover and pay social and tax contributions
  • Keep a book of purchases (only for accommodation services and merchants)

It is therefore very simple to manage your business in this way, which allows everyone to get started without difficulty.

Quick business creation

Compared to other legal forms, business creation is greatly simplified. There is now a one-stop online shop which allows you to create your business in a very simple way. We will thus be able to obtain a SIRET number in a few weeks which will come to validate the creation of the company. It is also not necessary to have a financial contribution to launch his project.

A status open to all

The auto-entrepreneur status also has the particularity of being open to all. Thus, one can very well become a freelancer, whether one is student, employee, job seeker or retiree for example. He is indeed possible to carry out this activity as a main activity or as a supplement to their income.

The auto-entrepreneur is not liable for VAT

Another advantage of this status is that it allows not to be liable for VAT. Indeed, if the turnover does not exceed a certain threshold each year, then the self-employed person is not liable VAT. We can thus get rid of this formality which can be complex and also offer more attractive rates to some of his clients.

Access to ACRE to reduce social charges

The ACRE or Help for the Creation or Takeover of a Business is an aid offered to people who create or take over a business. She allows you to benefit from a partial exemption from social charges and support during the first year of activity. It's a excellent way to start your activity gradually and without having to meet all of its expenses from the start of its project.

The advantages of wage portage

If you want to decide between wage portage or self-employed, It is also interesting to know the advantages of wage portage which are also numerous.

Activity management like freelancing

With wage portage, it is quite possible to manage your activity exactly the same way as in freelance. The employee carried will indeed be able to choose its missions and the clients for which it perform them independently. He will thus determine his offer or yet the proposed rates as he sees fit. It can therefore evolve its activity in the desired direction with complete freedom. It is by elsewhere of an opportunity to increase its turnover and therefore to improve his remuneration just like a self-employed person.

Access to employee benefits

The main reason why we will choose wage portage, it is also because it gives access to all the advantages of the employee. Indeed, some of these benefits are not available to auto-entrepreneurs, on the other hand, supported employees benefit from a standard employee status and therefore the benefits associated with it. THE consultant in wage portage will therefore have access to unemployment, to retirement, health insurance, complementary health, training and many other things depending on the carrier chosen. He is therefore important to know what you are entitled to as an employee worn, but also to pay attention to the additional benefits offered by his carrier company.

The ability to focus solely on your business

Becoming a consultant in wage portage also allows you to devote himself entirely to his business. If the management of a self-employment is rather simple, it nevertheless requires carrying out certain administrative and accounting procedures. By opting for the wage portage for your project, we make sure to devote ourselves fully to his work, or to the performance of his services and to the development of its business. Administrative, legal and accountants are in fact taken care of by the portage company, which allows you to free up precious time to devote yourself to your assignments.

Support and guidance

Another advantage that can help you choose between wage portage or auto-entrepreneur is the possibility of being advised and accompanied. In Indeed, umbrella companies are also able to advise and to support their employees in the development of their activity. The support offered depends on the company chosen, but you can benefit from valuable advice that can make all the difference. Moreover, workshops can be organized in order to meet other consultants in the same sector of activity and thus form a real network.

Wage portage or self-employed: what to choose?

When you have learned about the advantages of self-employed status and those of wage portage employees, it is possible to choose between wage portage or auto-entrepreneur according to his project and his expectations. People who wish to embark on a project alone and completely independently will thus be able to develop their project and why not transform their business into a company by to create a real heritage. The self-employed can also be an interesting solution for professionals who want combine several activities such as, for example, in addition to employment, retirement or studies.

As for wage portage, it is more suitable for those who wish to benefit from the security of employee status. In effect, these different advantages may be lacking when working as a self-employed person. In the case of wage portage, we can therefore develop its activity in a more serene way and relying on benefits such as unemployment, complementary health, training, etc. We will also be able to benefit from personalized support in the development of its activity, which can be all the more reassuring. This solution can also be recommended to test your project business before embarking on the creation of a company by example.

When you hesitate between wage portage or auto-entrepreneur, there is advantages to both possibilities. It is therefore appropriate to opt for the that best meets their expectations and the needs of their project. If we has the feeling of not having chosen the solution that suits his expectations between wage portage or auto-entrepreneur, it is always quite possible to change. Indeed, it is quite possible to break his wage portage contract in agreement with the company of portage and it is also quite possible to close a auto business. Both approaches can therefore be considered in order to change your mind if necessary.

How to get started?

It is very simple to start wage portage or auto-entrepreneur, the two solutions indeed offer the possibility of easily realize his project. You can start your business by a few weeks thanks to simple and quick steps.

Create a self-employed company

The creation of a self-employed business can be done in a few clicks thanks to at a dedicated online counter. By filling out an online form, will be able to make a business creation request and receive, one by four weeks later, the documents showing that the company was created. We will then be able to start our activity by looking for clients to carry out assignments.

Get started in wage portage

Access to wage portage is also very simple. He is before everything necessary to find a carrier company that matches his expectations. We will therefore start by learning about the different offers offered. Then, the carrier company will offer a employment contract in the form of CDD or CDI. This agreement will therefore govern the entire partnership and will enable access to the status of employee. Once the contract is signed, we will also be able to start canvass clients to find assignments.

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