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What is wage portage?

Wage portage is a system that is based on a tripartite contractual relationship between an umbrella company, a freelancer and a client company. Usually, the self-employed person will carry out commercial canvassing to find customers, including companies to whom he will bill for these services. This is what the job of a freelancer consists of in the majority of cases. With wage portage, the portage company acts as an intermediary. It is she who invoices the service provided to the client and who then remunerates the self-employed person who has become an employee under an employment contract. This remuneration is offered in the form of a monthly salary.

If the self-employed person accepts that an umbrella company intervene as an intermediary, it is not without reason. Indeed, the latter allows him to sign an employment contract and thus to move from a freelance status to an employee status. The wage portage contract in CDI or CDD then makes it possible to benefit from many advantages for the auto-entrepreneur who has become an employee.

What information in a CDI wage portage contract?

The CDI wage portage contract is based on the same rules as the classic CDI. However, it must reference certain additional information such as:

  • The method of calculating and paying the remuneration, the business contribution allowance, the social and tax charges, the d management and professional expenses.
  • The method of deducting professional expenses.
  • The description of the skills, qualifications and areas of expertise of the employee concerned.
  • How to acquire, take and pay for paid leave?
  • Duration of the trial period.
  • Name and address of the fund supplementary pension plan and the provident organization to which the umbrella company belongs.
  • The periodicity of the establishment by the employee carried of activity reports.
  • The identity of the financial guarantor of the portage company.

What are the benefits of this solution?

If wage portage on a permanent or fixed-term contract is chosen by many self-employed people, it is indeed because there are several advantages to taking advantage of employee status.

A partnership of the desired duration

The first advantage of wage portage on a permanent or fixed-term contract is precisely the possibility of choosing between these two solutions and therefore a duration that corresponds to one's expectations. If you simply want to experiment with this type of format for your activity over a short period of time, you will rather choose the CDD. If, on the contrary, you want to benefit from a regular salary over time by opting for a long-term employee status, you will rather choose wage portage on a permanent contract.

A form of freedom preserved

The freelancer has the advantage of being able to choose each mission and each service he performs. Here, it is always possible to continue to opt for missions that correspond to your sector and your activity since you remain the decision-maker on this point. The supported employee must therefore continue to find clients for the performance of his missions, but also to negotiate his rates to receive remuneration that corresponds to the type of service and his expectations.

Regular pay

Another of the advantages of choosing wage portage on a permanent or fixed-term contract is the monthly remuneration. Indeed, the employees of a so-called « classic » company benefit from a salary each month. It's exactly the same for a wage portage consultant. Indeed, the remuneration is accessible in the form of a monthly salary, which makes it possible to benefit from a form of regularity which one does not always benefit from when one is freelance and all the more so when one has peaks of activity according to the period.

A collective agreement to frame the contract

In order to avoid any abuse, the establishment of a collective agreement is quite possible in wage portage. In this way, the consultant knows exactly what is going on when he signs his contract. He can also rely on the collective agreement of the chosen company to precisely validate his choice.

Safe business management

Wage portage on a permanent contract allows you to benefit from employee status for an indefinite period and to benefit from a certain security that you may have difficulty finding as a self-employed person. Indeed, the advantages of wage portage are numerous with unemployment, paid leave, sick leave, the right to training, the payment of professional expenses, etc. All these advantages allow you to evolve in your activity with more security and therefore more confidence. This protection, which may be lacking when one is self-employed, will have the effect of benefiting from a more reassuring professional environment and therefore of daring more to develop projects or project themselves into the future, for example.

Wage portage or CDI?

As we have seen, wage portage brings many benefits that are not negligible. However, this involves finding clients and developing your business as a freelancer. It is therefore essential to be proactive and to have the soul of an entrepreneur if you want to be able to enjoy a sustainable and long-term job. Some greatly appreciate this opportunity to challenge themselves and develop their business as desired, for others it may be somewhat worrying.

Therefore, we recommend to those who do not feel not the soul of an entrepreneur to rather turn to a classic CDI. With a classic open-ended contract, you can take part in a company's projects and get involved without being the sole decision-maker. You can thus create a relationship with your employer and colleagues to develop the company according to the vision of the leader. This can be an opportunity to open many doors and to fully blossom too.

On the other hand, if you want to be in control of your project and develop your activity in the desired direction while benefiting from a certain security, it is the wage portage in CDI that it is better to choose. Less frightening than the status of freelance, but more free than the status of employee on a classic open-ended contract, wage portage on a permanent contract is the perfect balance that gives access to many advantages as well as a multitude of possibilities.< /p>

What if I want to end my CDI?

If you do not wish to continue your wage portage on a permanent contract, it is of course entirely possible to terminate your contract in the same way as for a classic permanent contract. The terms relating to the end of the contract will most often be specified in the latter. As soon as it is signed, we can therefore take into account the steps to be taken to end the contract and any deadlines to be respected.

A ported employee who wishes to turn to another wage portage company or who wishes to simply returning to his self-employed status can therefore completely break his wage portage on a permanent contract. This is yet another reason to give it a try since it is a completely reversible decision.

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