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In order to set up your own business and carry out missions on behalf of clients, you can consider several possibilities. In particular, you can create your own company in order to become a freelancer, but you can also choose wage portage as a solution. So what is the difference between wage portage and freelance? What are the advantages of these two possibilities? Is it better to be in salary portage contract or freelance?

Wage portage or freelance: what are the differences?

When hesitating between wage portage or freelance, it is necessary to start by understanding the difference between the two statuses. Indeed, the status of freelancer has nothing to do with that of a supported employee. Knowing each definition is therefore essential to choose the option that best suits your activity.

Wage portage, what is it?

Wage portage is a solution that allows you to manage your activity as an independent while benefiting from the status of employee. An employment contract unites the portage company to the consultant who will be able to carry out missions for his clients in complete autonomy. It is then the portage company that will be responsible for invoicing the service. It will then pay a salary to the consultant. The portage company therefore acts as an intermediary between the employee carried and the client company. It allows the consultant to opt for an employee status and therefore to benefit from all the advantages that this entails.

What is it like to be a freelancer?

The status of freelancer is not a status strictly speaking. We will most often speak of an auto-entrepreneur or micro-entrepreneur scheme. Indeed, the freelancer is a professional who has his own business. He carries out missions on behalf of his clients who invoice them directly in order to generate turnover. Once the social security contributions have been deducted, he will be able to pay himself a salary. Self-entrepreneur status allows you to create your own business and be your own boss.

What are the advantages of both solutions?

There are many advantages to being a portage or freelancer. Moreover, it is very often between these two solutions that people who wish to start as self-employed will hesitate.

The advantages of wage portage

When hesitating between being a wage portage or a freelancer, you have to take into account the many advantages of the ported employee status.

Many benefits of employee status

The status of employee allows you to benefit from many advantages such as unemployment, social protection with health insurance, complementary health, providence, but also training, for example. These are many advantages that you will not necessarily find in freelancing. Moreover, people who opt for wage portage are often looking above all for the possibility of enjoying the same advantages as wage employment. This can therefore make all the difference compared to the status of freelancer. We will thus be able to develop our activity in a more serene way.

No administrative and accounting management

The status of auto-entrepreneur makes it possible to create a business in a simplified way, which means that you will have very few administrative and accounting tasks to perform. However, it will still be necessary to declare its turnover and pay its social contributions, keep a book of receipts, create invoices for its customers or even open a professional bank account when its annual turnover exceeds a certain Rising. In wage portage, it is not necessary to take care of the administrative and accounting part since it is the portage company that takes care of managing this part of the activity. We will therefore be able to fully devote ourselves to the practice of our profession and the development of our project.

True freedom in managing your business

Unlike an employee of a traditional company, the supported employee can completely manage his activity and his working time as he sees fit. He will indeed choose his clients, the missions he carries out or the prices he wishes to offer. He can thus manage his consulting activity in the same way as a freelancer, which gives him great freedom of action. The consultant therefore has full responsibility for the way in which he manages his professional project.

Professional support

Wage portage also allows you to be supported in the development ent of its activity. The establishment of an employment contract makes it possible to create a real partnership between the carried employee and the carrying company. The latter will therefore be able to provide advice and expertise so that the consultant can benefit from relevant recommendations. In addition, meetings between consultants can be organized in order to discuss their choices and create a real support network.

A good way to test your project

Wage portage can also be chosen in order to test your project upstream. If you do not want to start a business right away and want to see if your idea is viable, you can, for example, opt for a wage portage contract on fixed-term contracts. You can then evolve into a permanent contract or opt for the creation of a business if desired.

The benefits of freelance status

The status of freelance also has certain advantages and it is for this reason that it is not always easy to choose between wage portage or freelance.

No management fees and employer charges

When you decide to opt for wage portage, this will necessarily have a cost in order to be able to take advantage of the advantages of employment. This cost is represented by management fees, employers' charges and payroll charges. Freelancers will not have all of these costs to bear since they will often only have the social charges to deduct from their turnover. However, other costs may apply, such as insurance costs. The remuneration will therefore be less affected by the status of freelancer, but you will not be able to benefit from certain advantages such as unemployment for example.

Development prospects for your company

Another benefit of choosing freelance status is the ability to grow your business. Indeed, a micro-enterprise can evolve later in order to be able to hire or even take on a partner. The company can thus become more important in order to develop its project. This perspective of evolution is not possible in the case of wage portage since it does not require the creation of a company.

What is The opportunity to learn new skills

The creation of a company requires that one takes charge of certain admiring and accounting tasks, but also to learn to communicate around one's activity. These are many new skills that we will be able to acquire over time and put to use in our business. Opting for a business creation is therefore a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge.

Which solution to choose?

When you hesitate between wage portage or freelance, it is not always easy to make your choice. We will therefore turn to the solution that best meets his expectations to develop his activity. What's more, keep in mind that it is quite possible to change your mind and leave a wage portage company to embark on a business creation or to close your company to sign a work in a wage portage company.

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