What Are Management Fees in Wage Portage?

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Choosing wage portage allows the consultant to delegate the accounting and administrative management of their independent activity. Thus, invoicing for services will also be managed by the portage company. In exchange for all these services, a management fee will be deducted from the consultant's turnover. Social and employer charges will also be levied by the portage company so that it can then pay a salary to the consultant. For freelancers considering entering wage portage, it is crucial to estimate their salary. What are the rates practiced by portage companies? What do these management fees cover? How does Weepo ensure transparency with zero hidden fees? Answers.

What Do Management Fees Cover?

Before delving into the specifics of what management fees cover, it's important to note that these fees are a percentage deducted each month by the umbrella company from the consultant's turnover in wage portage. These fees cover various services that facilitate the daily lives of independent workers and are specific to each umbrella company. Payment of management fees often includes:

  • Administrative management: invoicing, accounting management, file monitoring, follow-up service, contract drafting, declaration to organizations for mandatory contributions, etc.
  • An extranet space
  • Online tools dedicated to activity management
  • Regular employee support: training, follow-up appointments, legal advice, etc.
  • Access to a professional network: experts, partners, etc.
  • A social works council
  • Etc.

It is crucial for the salaried employee to understand what the management fees correspond to in order to accurately estimate their salary since these fees impact remuneration. Thoroughly analyzing the amount of management fees is imperative to assess the profitability of one's activity in wage portage.

What Are the Rates Practiced by Umbrella Companies?

First and foremost, it's important to note that management fees are essentially the sole source of income for umbrella companies (ordinance of April 2, 2015). Therefore, it is these fees that will finance the personnel working for the umbrella company, the structure itself, and the various services it can offer. You'll understand that the economic model of umbrella companies thus entirely relies on these management fees.

Given that the umbrella company is free to include in its offer the services it wishes to make available to its consultants, it is also free to set the amount of these management fees itself. However, this rate must be clearly displayed in the umbrella company's offer. Moreover, it is recommended to inquire thoroughly about what is included in the management fees in wage portage because often, relatively low rates are displayed for basic services, but they can increase depending on the options chosen or the specifics of the contract. Indeed, some companies offer modular formulas, which allows choosing additional options in case of specific needs.

In general, the rates applied by umbrella companies in wage portage vary between 3% and 15% of gross turnover. There are several reasons that can explain such a difference. Firstly, the number of employees supported by the company. The more employees the umbrella company has to manage, the more it will need to hire internal staff to support them. This will result in having to bear higher operating costs, which will have an impact on the rate of management fees.

Another point to consider that directly impacts this rate is the taxation of the umbrella company. Indeed, from a legal point of view, it is the umbrella company that generates the turnover of the salaried employees by issuing invoices and collecting payments. Therefore, it is naturally subject to taxation based on the overall turnover. For example, a small structure involved in wage portage will not be liable for the Contribution Sociale de Solidarité des Sociétés (S3C).

Total Transparency at Weepo: Zero Hidden Fees

Unlike some practices in the market, such as displaying excessively low management fees that result in overcharging for certain tax and social deductions, at Weepo, transparency is at the core of our commitment to our clients. This translates into complete clarity regarding management fees as well as the services offered, thereby eliminating any risk of hidden fees.

The Weepo team firmly believes that the relationship of trust between consultants and their umbrella company is essential for the success of both parties. We value each consultant and strive to create an environment where trust and transparency are at the heart of this partnership.

That's why we provide detailed information about the structure of our fees and the breakdown of our services to ensure a complete understanding of cost distribution for our salaried employees. Moreover, the summary of Weepo's management fees is accessible through the employee's personal space in the activity account section. And if any questions remain, our team is available to all consultants to address their inquiries.

Furthermore, Weepo has obtained the Zero Hidden Fees Label certification issued by FEDEP'S (association for the defense of salaried workers in wage portage). This certification attests to the total transparency of our practices and reinforces the trust that our consultants have placed in our umbrella company service. Weepo does more than just value transparency and place it at the heart of its commitment; it is a tangible reality for every professional who has chosen to trust in our expertise.

You'll understand that the question of management fees in wage portage is crucial, and choosing the right partner is essential. Weepo, as a trusted partner, ensures complete transparency.

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