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Benefiting from the status of employee, a consultant in wage portage is also entitled to paid leave, whether on permanent or fixed-term contracts. However, the paid leave of a supported employee does not work quite the same way as that of a traditional employee. Explanations in this article.

While the calculation of paid leave remains the same, the assessment of the wage portage leave allowance is somewhat different. Another point, a freelancer in wage portage cannot use his paid leave as a full-time employee would. Does this mean that a wage portage consultant cannot deposit his leave whenever he wishes? And what method is used to calculate his vacation pay? Discover all the wage portage regulations concerning paid leave in this article.

How many days of paid leave are you entitled to in wage portage?

As provided for in the collective wage portage agreement, a consultant in wage portage has 2.5 working days from paid leave per month. Thus, over a full year, the employee carried is entitled to 30 days of paid leave, i.e. 5 weeks during which he may receive part of his salary. The method of calculation is therefore the same as for paid leave for traditional employees. But at the unlike the latter, the employees supported benefit from a total autonomy in the management of their leave.

Indeed, a freelancer in wage portage is free to decide himself of the duration and dates and of his paid holidays. Employees porters therefore do not need the agreement of the porterage companies employee or client companies to take their leave. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to ensure that the holidays do not come jeopardize the smooth running of the mission. It is therefore essential to anticipate the vacation period well.

How is the compensation for paid leave in wage portage calculated?

For a traditional employee, paid leave translates into a salary retention. This means that he continues to perceive a normal remuneration as if he were not absent. If maintaining salary is favorable to employees who receive a monthly salary fixed, this method is not suitable for the self-employed. Knowing that in wage portage the salary is variable, paid holidays are directly deducted from the consultant's turnover.

Many wage portage companies then opted for paid vacation allowances (ICP). Paid monthly, these allowances paid leave equivalent to 10% of the consultant's gross annual salary door. Here is an example of calculation using this method that we called rule of ten:

  • The carried employee decides to take 21 days of leave;
  • His annual salary over the reference period is 35,000 euros;
  • The following formula is applied: (35,000/10) x (21/30) ;
  • The paid leave allowance received by the employee is therefore 2,450 euros.

But, knowing that an employee supported does not receive any remuneration when he is not on a mission, he may be tempted not to take their holidays, which can put their health and private life at risk. It should be noted that if the responsibility of client companies is engaged in case of an accident at work following an overload of work, it is not necessarily the case if the freelancer has not formalized a request rest.

How to manage your paid leave in wage portage?

In view of what we have just mentioned, it is strongly recommended self-employed workers in wage portage to anticipate the fatigue. In order to guard against the risks of burn-out, it will be necessary to think plan holidays and days off as soon as possible. That will avoid ending up chaining missions until exhaustion. Moreover, it is good to know that the obligation to take leave is provided for by the collective wage portage agreement. An employee carried cannot therefore work more than 218 days a year.

Of course, even if the carried employee is free to decide on his paid leave, please inform the company in advance client and the wage portage company. In addition to allowing these last to organize and anticipate the time of absence, this allows maintain good working relationships. And not to disrupt the smooth running of a mission, it is wise to take his leave between two missions if possible.

Finally, it is in the interest of the employee to include his leave paid in the calculation of his average daily rate (ADR). Reminder that supported employees do not receive a salary in the event of inactivity, and so while on vacation. It is therefore necessary to anticipate the days that will not be invoiced in order to reintegrate them into the calculation of the TJM. In order to to anticipate their paid holidays, freelancers in wage portage generally immobilize 2 to 3 working days per month.

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