Wage portage: what legal status?

weepo - Portage salarial : Statut juridique

Allowing you to benefit from the advantages of salaried status while enjoying the freedom of a self-employed worker, wage portage is attractive. However, to avoid going headlong into this form of activity, it is important to understand the legal and legal framework as well as the different pay portage regulations .

After 20 years of existence in France, wage portage continues to arouse the interest of those who wish to undertake solo. Faced with the enthusiasm for this hybrid status, a whole legal arsenal has been set up for better control of wage portage and to protect all those involved in this new form of work. Discover in this article the texts governing wage portage. Also be informed about how it works, its advantages compared to other statuses or the target audience.

Who is the status of wage portage employee for?

If the wage portage covers many trades, the professions regulated are excluded. In addition, carrier companies salary generally only accept freelancers who do not require to benefit from good social security coverage while receiving a salary. See who else the portage status can enjoy in the following lines.

Those looking for simplicity

Wage portage is aimed at freelancers wishing to exercise their activity without worrying about administrative constraints. Like evoked previously, in wage portage, all the administrative procedures are provided by the portage company. The only obligation of freelance in wage portage is to declare his payslips in order to calculate their income tax.

The self-employed and recent graduates

This status is mainly intended for people wishing to benefit from the security of employee status while preserving their independence. This is particularly the case for homeworkers wishing to reconcile work and family life or young graduates at looking for a first experience. In fact, wage portage allows you to benefit from personalized support at the start of your their activity.

Seniors and retirees who want to stay active

Wage portage is also ideal for seniors and retirees wishing to continue their career. The transition to retirement being often seen as a drop in income, wage portage makes it possible to ** receive a salary by carrying out missions ** while receiving and by improving his retirement pension.

Entrepreneurs wishing to test their market

There are also many business creators who opt for the wage portage to test their project before switching to a other status. In addition to not having to worry about the procedures administrative, they can get started without any risk since they do not use their personal funds. Having network access developed by the umbrella company, business creators can build up a client portfolio allowing them to start their activity in complete serenity.

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